Price list
The Handlaft
Technology №1

Handlaft sizes: 

width: 200мм\250мм\300мм,

height:  300мм\400мм\500мм

length: 6 м


Price per cubic meter  (pine)

- 9 400 rub 

- cut into construction details– 12 000 rub


Additional services per cubic meter :

-the antiseptic treatment  - 250 rub


-loading on trucks - 280 rub


Our experts will design a house from the handlaft according to your wishes. We will take into account all the characteristic and specifics of the timber. Log cabin will be made at our factory in accordance with the documentation and you'll get the handlaft, completely ready for assembly.  

Post and beam technology. The main elements of construction
Technology №2

       Dry timber of detailed  assembling for Post & Beam technology   by ITIS

The dry timber of detailed assembling (TDA ) consists   of a lamellas(parts) size 90mm x 170mm x 3000mm, which have the following designations:

Outer lamella (OL)
Middle lamella (ML)
Inner lamella (IL)

Through  email or phone call, you can place an order with an indication of the beam configuration. For example:
It is necessary to produce the walls  of the timber of detailed assembling (TDA )   270mm x 170mm x 3000mm in following configuration:
outer lamella (OL)   - Larch
middle lamella (ml)    - pine, spruce
inner lamella (iL)- cedar.
The price of TDA  - 16 000 rub per cubic meter (pine)
The production of timber(TDA) from  the other  tree species is calculated individually.      

Our company also produces dry profiled beam for interior partitions.( internal partition wall)  

The beam sizes: 90mm x 170mmh3000mm

The price of dry profiled beams from pine wood - 12 500 rubles per 1 cubic meter

The ready made wooden building wall blocks for “Post and beam ” technology by ITIS

We recommend to you use for the walls the ready   building blocks made of the timber detailed assembly(TDA)

    The wooden ready made block  is a set of beams , laid on   insulation and held together with threaded pins through a hole in the middle of the timber.

    The wooden ready made wall block  has the keyed mounting groove at the ends and is made according to the agreed size considering transportation options.

The price of wooden ready made blocks of TDA

 At your request we can produce wall blocks, ready to install in a frame house.

  The price of 1 cubic meter wall block of the TDA  (pine )for main walls: 20 500 rubles.

The price of 1 cubic meter wall block of profiled timber for internal walls - 15 000 rubles.

The price of 1 cubic meter for  combined wall block is - 18 000 rubles.


The wooden log frame for “Post and beam” technology by ITIS

The price for wooden log frame is based on calculating the total area of the house and is about 3 000 rubles per 1 square meter.



So  the “post and beam” frame for the house of 150 sq.m. will cost about 450 000 rubles.

Profiled timber. House construction

Solid wood. The shrinkage of a beam kit of the house is only 3%. "Warm corner" system

  "The beam cabin of the house + installation":

- The cost of 1 sq.m (of the total area) of the finished beam cabin from 6 500 rubles. Installation + Materials

"Foundation+ Beam cabin+ Roof"

-The price per 1 sq.m (the total area of the building) from 10 000 rubles. – 14 000 rubles. Installation + Materials

  HOUSE "key in the door"

-The price per 1 sq.m. (The total area of the house) from 20 000 rubles.

The price  is calculated individually. It depends on  the design data, the Customer wishes, technical conditions on the construction site.

We offer beam\log cabins for self-assembly.


Technology №3