Our experts will design a house from the handlaft according to your wishes. We will take into account all the characteristic and specifics of the timber. Log cabin will be made at our factory in accordance with the documentation and you'll get the handlaft, completely ready for assembly.  


Handlaft sizes: 

width: 200мм\250мм\300мм,

height:  300мм\400мм\500мм

length: 6 м


Price per cubic meter  (pine)

- 9 400 rub 

- cut into construction details– 12 000 rub


Additional services per cubic meter :

-the antiseptic treatment  - 250 rub


-loading on trucks - 280 rub

We suggest the new configuration of  handcrafted logs(Handlaft.\Stavlaft) for house building.  : the “slot arris" in "itis" concept - is an analogue of houses crafted of the Norwegian crafted timber, but less expensive.
The exact size of the handlaft by "itis" can significantly reduce construction time, because  stage of pre-assembly of a log house is escaped. Log cabin in the constructor (in detailed pieces) is transported stacked (4-6 pieces), each on   special spacers. This prevents wood rot, blackening and the deformation of handlaft during transportation and storage.

Handlaft by ITIS. "Slot-arris" configuration

The  Handlaft by ITIS  is produced on a special  equipment. It is planned on sides by disc  saw . The cups always have the exact dimensions, the connection is protected by "wind" lock.

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